Nine Uses of Generac Generators

If you’ve ever asked, “What is the purpose of a generator?” Consider yourself fortunate to reside in an area with such a dependable electrical grid.

Generators have been a must-have tool for vigilant business owners and households for decades due to their dependable capacity to deliver electricity when there would be none. And their popularity has only grown in recent years, partly thanks to their wide range of purposes.

At Generator Supercenter of Broward, we supply generators to a variety of industries, and we’ve highlighted a few of the most popular applications where generators are used to demonstrate just how useful they can be:


Generators are synonymous with catastrophe preparedness, and one of their most prevalent uses is for emergency purposes. The utility of generators during a natural disaster that wipes out power for days on end varies from convenient to life-saving. Every year, Americans are killed by extreme heat and cold, and the capacity of a generator to power something as simple as a heater during a blizzard could mean the difference between life and death.

Power Outages

When the electricity goes out for non-emergency causes, a high-capacity standby backup generator may keep you on track with your daily routine. However, because most Americans only experience outages for a few hours per year on average, most consumers prefer a smaller, portable generator that can power the fridge, a few fans, and other basic appliances until the power is restored.

Business Stand-By Power

Commercial organizations have far more at stake than the average household when it comes to grid power stability. A few hours of downtime could result in a loss of income and customers.

A standby generator is the best solution for businesses to maintain a nearly continuous power supply. Certain businesses, such as hospitals, are required to have a virtually uninterrupted supply, which can be accomplished using an uninterrupted power supply system to ensure that power does not go off for even a few seconds.

Camping Trips

Whether it’s an RV generator or an old-fashioned open-air generator, these machines provide a bit of civilization to the wilds. You might want to run an electric griddle, lights, fans, and more. 

Inverter generators are a popular option for camping since they are quiet, which is often required because many campsites have severe noise regulations. They are also lightweight and compact, albeit more pricey than other variants.


Construction sites, as one might expect, are frequently blocked off from easily available power supplies. However, this does not imply that everything is done by hand. Huge diesel generators are frequently towed into power machinery, trailers, ventilation, water pumps, security, and other equipment, while portable generators power table saws, grinders, drills, and other power tools. There is also a particular class of welding generators that combine a welder with a generator. Discover how generators provide power to construction sites (and other options for power generation).

Agriculture And Ranching

Generators are frequently utilized as backup or even primary power for farming activities, as well as portable electricity for working in difficult-to-reach areas. Generators are widely used to power barn, stable, or coop heaters, air pumps, and irrigation systems, to name a few farming and ranching devices.

Working At Night

Road maintenance staff are one example of people who must be allowed to work at night to minimize driver inconvenience. Trailer-mounted lighting towers–often directly coupled to generators are utilized to give a temporary fix for tasks like these.

Sports Events

Many schools and sporting groups use generators to power scoreboards, lights for evening games, announcer speakers, and other technological equipment. Portable generators can sometimes be sufficient for these purposes, but big, trailer-mounted machines are generally required to supply adequate power for the environment.


Tailgating is similar to camping, except that you’re considerably less likely to come across a massive flat-screen TV on a camping trip. Depending on how serious you take your tailgating, a generator may be required to power a projector, speakers, a tiny fridge, an electric grill, a mobile network device, fans, or even a gaming console. As you can see there are many uses for your Generac Generator. They are useful pieces of equipment whether it is for business, emergencies, or recreational. If you would like to learn more about Generac Generators or place an order please get in touch with Generator Supercenter of Broward today.

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