34-How A Whole Home Generator Can Power Your AC

How A Whole Home Generator Can Power Your AC

There’s no doubt that AC units are essential for surviving the sweltering summer sun. But what would happen if your property was suddenly hit by a power outage? Thankfully, a whole home generator can provide the safety net needed to keep your family comfortable and safe.

Before making your purchase, though, you must ensure that the whole home generator is suited to your requirements. This quick guide to AC units and home generators will provide all you need to know.

Why choose a whole home generator to power your AC unit?

During the summer, increased demands on the grid at peak times, along with the threat of thunderstorms, can often lead to power outages. 

Knowing that you need a contingency in place is one thing, but there are several possible solutions at your disposal. A whole home generator can be deemed the best option for many reasons, including but not limited to;

  • Backup power generators are available in various sizes and wattages to meet your family’s needs.
  • Power generator sources can potentially run for several hundred hours at a time.
  • The backup power sources like portable generators are considered a safe method and do not rely on the power grid or other issues like solar power.

Perhaps most importantly, whole home generators are affordable to buy and affordable to run. Given the energy and fuel crisis currently felt across America and beyond, it is another feature that will impress homeowners.

Selecting the right whole home generator for your needs

Knowing that a backup generator can be used to power your AC units during a power outage is one thing, but it’s vital that you select the right option for your property and family. Generator Supercenter of Miami has a variety of models ranging from 18kW to 80kW. Choosing one that satisfies your needs without creating a surplus will be key.

Use the following questions for guidance, and you won’t go wrong;

  • What are the AC unit’s needs?

No two AC units are identical. For starters, you need to consider the different manufacturers and models. Meanwhile, the size of your home may dictate that you only need a single window unit while someone else needs to power a central air system.  Naturally, the demands of the power generator will be greatly influenced by your circumstances.

It is estimated that window units will run at around 1.7kW while central air conditioners may run at 3.5kW. However, it is important to research your units and make calculations based on this information.

  • Do any other appliances need to be powered?

When hit with a power cut, getting power to the AC unit will probably be the first thing on your mind. Nevertheless, you will also need to power other appliances ranging from lighting and home entertainment features to appliances and food storage features. When checking a product’s wattage, be sure to consider the startups as well as running needs.

There are ways to reduce your electricity needs during a power outage. For example, you can turn off any appliances that are not needed. Still, when you understand the demands, finding a suitable unit is far easier.

  • What are the installation needs?

Some people opt for a portable power solution that can be used on camping trips and other adventures. In most cases, though, having a dedicated backup whole home generator for your property is the better solution. Some units require a power transfer switch installation but opting for a turnkey installation allows you to avoid the need for a separate professional.

Aside from saving time and money, the knowledge that your whole home generator is available for immediate use will deliver the peace of mind you deserve. And if you move homes, it can follow you to the new property.

Choose your backup generator unit today

Whether looking to power AC units during summer outages or other products when winter storms strike doesn’t matter. The right whole home generator will provide backup power when it’s needed the most. Aside from maintaining comfort in the home it can protect appliances, perishable foods, and more. When you choose a durable, reliable, and easy-to-install solution, it can be one of the best home additions of all.

To find out more about whole home generators and the best choice for your household requirements, call Generator Supercenter of Miami today or visit us at GeneratorSupercenterofBroward.com to assess how we can assist with your generator needs.

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