Generators and Electronics: Is It Safe?

If you’re a homeowner who has a generator or is looking to get one you need to know what’s safe and what’s not when it comes to using it. One topic that many wonder about is generators and electronics and if it is safe or not.Here we’ll explore more about how safe a generator is for electronics and some best practices and tips you can apply. This way you can ensure proper use and the best outcome for using a generator with your electronics.Are Generators Safe for Electronics?If you’re shopping around for a standby generator then one concern you may have top of mind is if your small electronics will be damaged by the power the generator is feeding in your home, or in some cases your business. You likely know and understand that a generator is safe to use for large appliances and pieces of machinery. However, you are also probably unsure how this translates to the small appliances and electronics in your home.Is it Safe?So, the question remains, are generators safe for electronics? The short answer is, yes they are safe. The reason being is that there are certain features that make certain that the power does not surge through the circuits. What this does is make the power that is coming out of the socket just as safe as what usually comes out.With that, you should also keep in mind that you can never be too careful either. Always use a good surge protector with your sensitive electronics even when your standby generator isn’t in use. Small and sensitive electronics may include items such as your microwave, TV, cell phone, and computer.The reality is that small influxes of power can occur even when there are features in place that help you avoid power surges. All it takes for a microwave to get fried is a small influx. That being said, a good rule of thumb is to always have sensitive electronics on a surge protector.Portable Vs. StandbyIn the matter of powering sensitive electronics, there is a difference between portable and standby generators that are permanently mounted. There may be unclean power that passes through which often occurs more with portable generators. However, manufacturers of standby generators do work hard to ensure the power that is coming through is as clean as possible. Generators have and will continue to change and be upgraded as the needs of modern businesses and homeowners change.In Summary: How We Can Help

When it comes to safety and purchasing Generac Generators, Generator Supercenter of Broward is a safe option for buying one. Generally speaking, generators are safe machines to have at your home and are great if used properly and you follow best practices for operation. Here at Generator Supercenter of Broward, we specialize in generator installation and can make this process very efficient for you, from logistics to permits and certifications. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment or to learn more and have all your questions answered.

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